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Captain Kirk & Commander Spock
(Star Trek: The Original Series / ST:TOS)

Hi there -- and welcome! This website is an effort to house one of my favorite collections of excerpts, quotes, and "stuff" from the fictional Star Trek universe (not to be confused with the equally fictional Star Fleet universe) ...

I don't claim to be exhaustive or comprehensive in this website -- or in any of my other websites, for that matter! :) ...

Still, this website represents a self-documenting process ... I had collected some of these stuff from my teenage days, when the stuff were mostly textual (written) material stored or collected in several by-now-yellowing paper-based notebooks ("exercise" books, a la British English -- or maybe Singlish) that then migrated to computer floppy diskettes (5.25-inch), then onto the not-so-floppy 3.5-inch disks, then onto to HDDs, followed inevitably by CD-R/RW's and DVD-R/RW's, of course!

Enterprise-D [Registry: NCC-1701D]
(Star Trek: The Next Generation / ST:TNG)

Enterprise-C [Registry: NCC-1701C]
(Star Trek: The Next Generation / ST:TNG)

Enterprise [Registry: NCC-1701]
(Star Trek: The Original Series / ST:TOS)

And, now, since there's the Internet -- and there's even more material (especially, images) to scour for, from the Net; also, we can now handle audio-video materials -- why! Let's put up the whole kit-and-kaboodle on the Net, right?


So ...

Enjoy ...

And ... cheers!

      -- Paul Quek

A sketch of the Enterprise


I use many of the usual abbreviations, as follows:

  1. "ST:TOS"
    Star Trek: The Original Series
    (TV; 79 episodes)


  2. "ST:TAS"
    Star Trek: The Animated Series
    (TV; 22 episodes)


  3. "ST:TNG"
    Star Trek: The Next Generation
    (TV; 178 episodes)


  4. "ST:DS9"
    Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
    (TV; 176 episodes)


  5. "ST:VOY"
    Star Trek: Voyager
    (TV; 172 episodes)


  6. "ST:ENT"
    Star Trek: Enterprise
    (TV; 98 episodes; prequel to ST:TOS)


  7. "ST:1"
    Star Trek: The Motion Picture
    (based on ST:TOS)

  8. "ST:2"
    Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
    (based on ST:TOS)

  9. "ST:3"
    Star Trek III: The Search for Spock
    (based on ST:TOS)

  10. "ST:4"
    Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
    (based on ST:TOS)

  11. "ST:5"
    Star Trek V: The Final Frontier
    (based on ST:TOS)

  12. "ST:6"
    Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country
    (based on ST:TOS)

  13. "ST:7"
    Star Trek VII: Generations
    (ST:TNG's Captain Jean Luc Picard meets ST:TOS' Captain Kirk)

  14. "ST:8"
    Star Trek VIII: First Contact
    (based on ST:TNG)

  15. "ST:9"
    Star Trek IX: Insurrection
    (based on ST:TNG)

  16. "ST:10"
    Star Trek X: Nemesis
    (based on ST:TNG)

  17. "ST:11"
    Star Trek XI
    (planned release: Dec 25, 2008)

Then, of course, there are the -- paper-based -- comics!

Also, the video/console/computer games!

And the fan-generated stories in magazines ("fanzines"), books, etc.


Talk about overload / overwhelm!

I love it!

(Thanks, Heavenly Father for the Gift of God -- that means, YOU! -- and the Gift of Life, and the Gift of the Entire Creation! All praise and honor are Yours, as the song goes -- and indeed You are Worthy! )


Battle of Wolf 359 -- Borg Cube destroyed
("Best of Both Worlds, Part II" -- ST:TNG, Episode 4x01)

Complex interpersonal relationships among sentient beings absolutely require a certain amount of lying, for the protection of others and the good of the whole.

... such untruths are called 'white lies.'

A man's honor in this area is measured by whether he can tell the difference between a white lie and a malicious one.

It is a much more delicate matter than simply charging blindly ahead telling the truth at all times, no matter what injury the truth may sometimes do.

      -- Adapted from Star Trek 4
          (Corgi Book, 1971, 1974: London, UK)


[ST:TOS, "Arena", Episode 01x19] [AD 2267]

The "Gorn" Captain who fought and lost
to Captain Kirk, in the episode "Arena"
(AD 2267) (ST:TOS)

Gorn vs. Kirk in "Arena" (AD 2267) (ST:TOS)

Gorn Captain in "Arena" (AD 2267) (ST:TOS)

A "Gorn" starship, seen at extreme range, from the viewing screen of the Enterprise (ST:TOS)

... The enemy ship [above] broke off the engagement and fled, at fantastically high acceleration.


   The enemy seemed ... anxious to avoid leading the Enterprise to its home planet. It took evasive action, again at incredibly high speed; the Enterprise had difficulty in closing with her even at warp eight, two factors above maximum safe speed.

   And then, suddenly, everything stopped.

   It was absolutely impossible, but it happened. At one moment, both vessels were flashing through subspace at over a hundred times the speed of light -- and in the next, both were floating in normal space, motionless relative to a small, nearby solar system, engines inoperative, all weapons dead.

   Abruptly, the lights [aboard the Enterprise] dimmed and there was a low hum from the main viewing screen. The starry scene from outside promptly dissolved into a twisting, confused mass of color and lines.

Swirling colors on the view screen (ST:TOS)

At the same time a humanoid voice, strong and yet somehow youthful, shook the air of the bridge. The voice said:

   "We are the Metrons."

      -- Gene L. Coon, "Arena",
         in Star Trek 2 (Corgi Book, 1968, 1972, 1973: London, UK)

A "Metron" in "Arena", born approximately circa 770 AD and encountered in AD 2267 by Captain Kirk & crew. [This "Metron" was played by Carole Shelyne; his voice was provided by Vic Perrin] (ST:TOS)

  • Click here (.WAV file) -- hear the above "Metron" speaking to Captain Kirk

  • Links:
    1. Arena (Star Trek) (from Wikipedia)

    2. Gorn (from Wikipedia)

    3. Arena (from Eric W. Weisstein)

    4. Arena (from Mirkwood or "Taur e-Ndaedelos" -- in the tongue of the Grey Elves, meaning "Forest of Great Fear" -- UCS, Indiana)

    5. Gorn starship (from "Memory Alpha")

    6. Metron (from "Memory Alpha"):

      Eventually, Kirk won this fight, but elected to spare his helpless opponent. This demonstration of mercy surprised the Metrons, whose analysis of the situation did not lead them to expect it. A Metron appeared to Kirk, and suggested that, although the Federation was still half savage, there might be hope for it in a few thousand years. The Metrons then returned Kirk to the Enterprise and transported the ship 1,600 light years away from their space.
          The Metrons demonstrated the ability to manipulate forms of energy unknown to Federation science, to perform comprehensive scans at great range, to transport matter great distances instantly, and perhaps to rapidly terraform planets to specific requirements. All of these feats were well beyond what even 24th century Federation technology can accomplish. This suggests their science and technology is hundreds or thousands of years more advanced than that of the Federation. Metrons have long lifespans; the representative that met Kirk was approximately 1,500 years old, despite appearing as little more than a boy. His comment to Kirk suggests an interest in the political and sociological geometry of the galaxy thousands of years hence. It is possible that this perspective is a consequence of this long lifespan.

    7. List of Star Trek races: Metrons (from Wikipedia)

    8. Unnamed Metrons (from "Memory Alpha")

    9. Metron Consortium (from "Memory Alpha")

    10. Arena (from "Memory Alpha")

    11. 2466 PM (from "Memory Alpha")

    A Gorn from the Enterprise episode
    "In a Mirror, Darkly Part II" (ST:ENT)

    A Gorn from the mirror universe
    on theUSS Defiant (AD 2155)

    A Gorn serving on the Elysian Council (AD 2269)


    To try or not to try.

    To take a risk or play it safe.

    Your arguments have reminded me how precious the right to choose is.

    And because I've never been one to play it safe, I choose to try.

    (Spoken by Jean-Luc Picard, Captain, USS Enterprise)

            -- Adapted from "A Matter of Time"
                (ST:TNG, Episode 5x09; 1991)


    Nagilum -- a very powerful extra-dimensional, space-faring and malevolently curious life form

    Nagilum, speaking to Picard, observes that Humans "exist, then you cease to exist. Your minds call it ... death."

         "You seem to find no tranquility in anything. You struggle against the inevitable. You thrive on conflict. You are rash, quick to judge, slow to change. It's amazing you've survived."

         "As a species, we have no common ground. You are too aggressive. Too hostile. Too militant".

         Picard then points out that they do have one trait in common, curiosity.

         Nagilum, with a Human-like chuckle, agrees and then finally fades off.

            -- Adapted from "Where Silence Has Lease"
                (ST:TNG, Episode 2x02; 1988)

    [Read about the episode @ MEMORY ALPHA, the Star Trek Wiki]

    [ Check out the post I made in MEMORY BETA, a non-canon Star Trek Wiki - i.e., a Wikia wiki; cf. Wikipedia's entry on Wikia ]

    .: Emergent Property

    Complex systems can sometimes behave in ways that are entirely unpredictable. The human brain for example, might be described in terms of cellular functions and neurochemical interactions, but that description does not explain human consciousness, a capacity that far exceeds simple neural functions. Consciousness is an 'emergent' property.

    In other words, something that's more than the sum of its parts.

    The Enterprise contains a vast database, which is managed by a sophisticated computer. This complex system gives the ship many of the characteristics of a biological organism. I believe a self-determining intelligence is emerging.

          -- Adapted from "Emergence" (ST:TNG, Episode 7x23, 1994)


    .: Nature of Time

    ... time can be regarded as fluid, like a river, with currents, backwash, eddies. Like the solar-system analogies of the atomic structure, it is more misleading than enlightening, but there may be a certain truth to it all the same.

          -- Star Trek 2 (Corgi Book, 1968, 1972, 1973: London, UK)


    .: IDIC

    Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combination, comprising the elements that make up truth and beauty.

          --Star Trek 4 (Corgi Book, 1971, 1974: London, UK)


    .: Honesty

    When the choice is between honesty and disguised ignorance, a wise man chooses the former.

          -- Star Trek 6 (Corgi Book, 1972, 1974: London, UK)


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