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Space is not silent.

If one has the ears -- the appropriate methods to listen with -- the seemingly emptiness and black desolation is transformed into a raucous chorus of bleeps, pops, whistles, and hums.

The steady modulated whines of patient quasars, the discordant sizzle of black holes, and the stentoriam drone of unseen pulsars -- all contribute their voices to a heavenly choir of awesome complexity and rhythm.

From white dwarf to red giant, every sun exhibits its own distinctive, individual sizzle-pop in the same way that animals give off special odors, or flowers display colors.

     -- "The Survivor", in Star Trek Log Two


What, exactly, is a flash of genius?

Mental stimulation.

A concatenation of cerebral cross-currents.

The fusion of one particle of cause with another of effect which -- once in a while, just once in a while -- produces a molecule of solution.

     -- Star Trek Log Two


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